Serial entrepreneur since 2003, historically in the mobile and web technologies, Renaud Attal decided to change his life in 2011 and give meaning to its activities in order to positively impact the environment and bring its small stone for the future generations.


    Daily committed to the development of reuse and circular economy, Renaud Attal draws its motivation and strength in the benefits it brings to the general public and the industry actors.


    Business manager, engaged in associations, Renaud Attal also spends part of his time to share his passion and expertise, helping young entrepreneurs as well as in consulting missions for companies in search of optimization and ecological transition for their activities.

    Feel free to contact him, he's always open for discussions, give some advice and to exchange on new business projects and new technologies developments.


    “Recycling something is good but only once it can’t be reused or repaired anymore”


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